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Festival - Shravan Shashti

Yamai devi temple

Shravan Shashti


Shravan Shshti is the second big festival on this pilgrimage. Charpat Amba killed Ratnasur Monster on Shravan Shuddha Shashthi. At that time, goddess was suffering with dermatitis because of the blood of demons then to calm that down all gods along with Kedarnath worshiped goddess with lemon, durva, bel and Vala. Since then, a special pooja of lemon, bel and flower is made overnight on Shravan Shudha Shashthi. The special feature of this festival is that lakhs of devotees come to visit the Goddess during the rainy season. Only Dhuparati happens in this festival and it is an overnight festival. There is Jagar of goddess in whole night. On next day early morning the festival completes with Dhuparati.

Glimpse of the Festival